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- analyze the Brand / products / services; 

- image identification, communication campaign and marketing strategies, Media Social Planning organization (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, TikTok, Pinterest, Google Business or company website (existing or to be created); 

- opening or improving the Instagram page) with an increase in real Followers (to be defined on each customer);

- drafting of communication or realization texts / photos / videos for the identification of the Brand;

* The analysis and the proposal of strategies, delivery times and further communication and marketing materials to be created are customized according to each client, to be defined in the first briefing.

* for  the price refers to the service listed above, excluding the creation and distribution of various advertising materials or technical-graphic administrations of the various social networks / sites, the creation of editorial or radio - television articles, such as the purchase of followers of any amount on the various channels.


  • the  Social media marketing  is one of the most effective tools that companies / Brands / Artists / Public people have at their disposal to try to retain, first of all, their regular or potential customers and, subsequently, to increase the sales of their products or services. The experts in communication and digital marketing  ( Marketer ) in fact, after appropriate  analyses  of the  target  and gods  potential targets  based on marketing strategies, they can develop accounts for example  Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter , trying to promote particular goods and services and, therefore, generate new business contacts (the so-called  lead ) or, also, to increase traffic to your website.


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