Winning Social Media Strategy

Setting up a marketing strategy, before moving on to concrete actions and the use of operational tools, is as important as having a project before the construction of a building. Entrepreneurs who open a company Facebook page, without knowing exactly how to move online, are as if they decide to build a building starting with the choice of furniture. Get the idea?



Almost all companies are more or less actively present on social media, but few have a clear idea of ​​what they actually want to achieve.



The definition of a social media strategy is a cyclical path more than a real point of arrival, a process in continuous evolution. It starts with the analysis of the scenario and then moves on to the choice of the most suitable objectives and communication channels. In a second moment we will pass to the identification of the contents and we will continue measuring the data that the actions themselves generate, with the aim of constantly improving the results obtained during the work.



How will my brand be spread online? What messages will I convey to my audience? How often will I post the chosen content? Will I use them for promotional purposes or to sell my products / services directly?



Defining a good social media marketing strategy is not as easy as it seems, so I've decided to give you some useful tips on this. Thanks to these 5 steps you can finally get off to a great start and achieve the success you deserve online too!



1st PHASE: preventive analysis



We can't define a successful strategy if we don't know where to start. "Thinking and planning, in fact, come before doing." This has always been a concept at the basis of marketing management.



But what will you have to analyze in detail? Let's go by order:






Do you already have a site? What is its conversion rate? How is it positioned on search engines?



Do you have a Facebook Page? What level of interaction does it generate? What content do you post? How often? Have you ever done advertising campaigns on the Facebook Ads platform?






It is important to understand how much and how you talk about your brand and your company. Are the reviews and comments positive, negative or neutral? By monitoring the network, you will be able to collect information on the most frequently touched current issues and on the most influential virtual places fo