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Name: Daria Alifanova

Age: 38

Height: 170 sm

Weight: 48 kg

Apparel size: S

Bust: 85 sm

Waist: 62 sm

Hips: 85 sm

Shoes: 39

Hair: brown

Eyes: blue

Tattoes: no

Marks: scare on belly

Specialized education: model school

Experience: commercials, fashion shows, model for makeup artists' competitions

Giulia Ragazzini

Jessica Gomez

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Mary Anays

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Monica Luminița Ștefan,

Good morning!

I am Monica Luminița Ștefan, newly graduated actress at the Milan Artists Academy (BIENNALE DEGREE FOR CINETELEVISION ACTOR)

Born on 31.10.1968 in Romania

Tax residence in Merano (Bz), via Wolkenstein, 7M 39012

Current residence: DUMENZA (VA), via XXIV MAGGIO, 12A 21010

I am 52 years old, I have been working as a professional nurse for 33 years, of which the last 17 years in Italy, 16 years in South Tyrol and the last year in Lake Maggiore. I have been an actress for only 3 years. I speak Romanian, Italian and German well and I have a good base of French, English and Russian (Scholastic level).

I practice Kendo, the art of sword fighting, the art of Samurai and extreme mountaineering on via ferratas and ice, trekking. I would like to get involved in the art of acting and gain experience on the set as an extra, both for advertising and for TV, cinema! It wasn't my dream, I've always been just a consumer of artistic products, it's a new challenge and I realize it's a bit late to start in this field, but I feel I can make a good contribution both in the comic and in the dramatic.

Until now I have made only three Showreel films with Accademia Artisti Milano, a short film, I participated as 5th Unknown in Enrico Papi's GUESS MY AGE program on 18.10.18 and as an extra in the film VITE IN FUGA shot by Luca Ribuoli in Val Gardena, summer 2019.

Salvatore Gentile / Painter

Vicky Iannacone / Singer

Catalina Georgescu

-Miss Grandma 2019-

Ece / Actress 

Vicky Iannaconne  Singer 

Buşra Oda

Graphic Designer

Güneş Vitaş

Social Media Marketing

Soprana Gabriela Bancila

Fabio  Pelliccioli / IRIS TV Sales Representative 

AnnaS / Fitness / Zumba Coach

Marco Ronchi / Set Designer

Event: Romania Talent Show 2016 Milan

Fashion Style & Design Iris Collection by Irina Tirdea Irina

Photo Dorian Pepa

Models: Sidney Di Lucca

Camilla Marioli

Denisa Balla

Ram Parkash

Irina Tirdea IRIS Collection, Romanian Consul in Milan George Milosan, Ettore Martinelli - Avvocat, Romulus Popescu Associazione Romeni Italia

George Says

Fashion Style & Designer IRIS Collection by Irina Tirdea

Models: Valentina Zambon & Nagy Annamaria

Fabio BRIGNOLI - Public Director Vogue Italia & Irina Tirdea IRIS Collection & IRIS EVENT FACTORY

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