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We live in the world of visual communication and the image we offer must best represent our talents, and communicate who we are.

Your image has the power to excite the people you meet, communicating values, attitude, personality. In the “Dress for Success” business it means adopting an image that works for our objectives: a new position, a new job, the signing of a new contract, an interview. Irina Tirdea


Give yourself a new image and rely on the competence of

Style Coach Irina Tirdea.

Express your individuality with a consistent style
Physicality, lines and colors
Personalized make up
Trials of outfits with clothes and accessories.
You don't know how to match your clothes, Irina will help you understand them!

Total restyling: Look & Wardrobes (Online courses)

Discover the rules, techniques and secrets to get a successful image.

Who the courses are for

Today more than ever, the worlds of fashion, business and entertainment are looking for figures capable of providing authoritative and updated support in image management. From personalized shopping to Backstage Styling services, it is necessary to offer the customer a high-level service, depth and personality.

IRIS Academy , Irina Tirdea's style academy, offers limited number courses dedicated to those who intend to start a career in the fashion world or need to change their image for self-esteem or develop their business.

The courses are aimed at both professionals in the fashion, style, beauty, hairdressers and make-up artists, who wish to complete their knowledge and be able to offer a complete service, and for beginners.

At the end of the courses a certificate of participation will be issued.

  • Custom Image Consulting & Personal Shopper Course




-THE NEW PERSONAL STYLE - Find your personal style, make the most of it and become your own muse.

- THE CHARM OF VINTAGE - Sustainable and circular fashion

-FASHION STYLING - Become a Fashion Stylist and create amazing looks for fashion shows, editorials, events.



Communicate, write and why not? Earn money!


All you need to know for the new style season


"The elegant man is the one whose suit you never notice"


Show your products at their best, because your shop is about you

  • BRIDAL STYLE - Wedding Planner - Choosing the wedding dress is the fundamental point for a wedding: it is necessary to go targeted and with clear ideas, you can not go wrong buying a model that does not suit us or that worse still will not make us feel at ease on the most important day of the year.

  • Do you want to change your look? Find your Style? Not sure how to manage your wardrobe? Let's start with the organization of the wardrobes. (Personalized online courses)

Ritratto drammatico

Lessons of Style by Irina Tirdea

Welcome to the "IRIS" showroom by Irina Tirdea

Coco Chanel used to say: "Fashion changes, but style remains."

This is my advice, dear fashions: follow fashion, but find your style ...!

Fashion is important for our appearance, but we must be comfortable with the clothes we wear. Furthermore, we must be careful in the choices according to the occasions, the location, the events in which we participate.

The most important thing is how do we wear it? The right attitude is elegance! with style ...!

After the error of World War II, the reconstruction process begins in Europe.

The 50s represent a period of rebirth ... especially for women. The elegant and refined woman, after years of taking the place of man in factories and offices, resumes her place with more strength than ever. As a matter of convenience and practicality, the woman had to masculinize her image, simplify it, losing, at least for the moment, her curves and partly also her femininity.

The fashion of the 50s has the taste of elegance and simplicity, all mixed with joy. A full skirt, a colored belt that highlights the waist, a white shirt and a further touch of color donated by an elegantly tied neck scarf were enough to make this era immortal. To complete the outfit let's remember the cat eye model glasses, essential accessories. But let's not forget that the 50s are influenced by television and cinema made in the USA: for the first time in history, fashion also comes from the bottom up so that young people can create a new lifestyle and consequently get out of anonymity. Not for nothing is this the decade of rock'n'roll, blue jeans, t-shirts and pin-ups. The leather jacket becomes an indispensable must-have item for men's fashion. While the young women begin to reveal their femininity through the bikini. Nowadays fashion is a mix of innovation, research, technology and the past. It is easy to go back in time through our outfits. If I had to imagine a joyful, youthful and simple world at the same time I would see him dressed as a pin-up. (IRINA TIRDEA, Journalist & Fashion Designer of IRIS)

Here are some Coco Chanel style rules, launched decades ago, but which are still valid today:

1. "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not a luxury" Beyond the aesthetic side, the functionality of the garments you wear is also important. Do not dress a haute cooking dress, very expensive, if you do not feel well, when you wear it. The cut of the clothes and their style must be to your pleasure; not everything that is new, fashionable or expensive is also suitable for you! Coco Chanel is the first designer who promoted the use of trousers for women and introduced them to her collections, offering women a very important gift: freedom of movement. With the same purpose, the shoulder bag with chain was also created.

2. "It is a lack of good taste, to go with a couple of millions hanging from the neck, just because you are rich." Coco Chanel wore authentic jewels, pearls and diamonds, along with semi-precious materials, even if she had no problems to afford the most expensive jewelry. A woman is worth more than the price of clothes and her accessories, and can leave a good impression even more, when she manages to make original combinations, than to follow the latest fashion trends.

3. "Simplicity is the key to elegance." One of the most precious legacies of the most revolutionary designer in the modern world, Coco Chanel, is "Little Black Dress" - the little black dress. Every woman should have the simple black dress in her wardrobe - it is the MUST - that can be worn at any time of the day, every day of the week, without problems. According to the matching accessories, you will succeed in creating the ideal look for any event!

4. "Fashion changes, but style remains!" Coco Chanel's creations are timeless: LBD - little black dress, universal jacket, the quilt bag, the Chanel perfume n ° 5, the masculine style look and many others. The designer stated beyond the changing fashion that we must find our own style. This guarantees a flawless look for all the age and success of a woman.

5. "The bravest act is to think for oneself! And this must be noted." What would have happened if the designer Chanel had created clothes in the spirit of the time (the war, strict rules in a male-dominated world), instead of innovating? I wonder how long it would take for women to transition from skirt to pants, from aesthetics to functionality? Follow Coco's example, dare to distinguish yourself in your way of being, not in conformity! The designer also said: "if you were born without wings, do nothing to stop growth!". Think carefully about which of the rules inherited from the Coco style, feel that it best represents you and use them in style!



The perfect wardrobe according to IRIS
... Oh my God ..! did you look in the mirror ..? ...

The phrase: 'I never have anything to wear ...!' does it tell you something? In the morning, mountains of garments are sifted through in the hope that something will work ...
The order in the wardrobe is a real mission, a real organization strategy must be adopted.
We identify four categories of use occasions according to which to order the Garments & Accessories: work, free time, social and special occasions.
In the second step we have to divide the wardrobe spaces according to our needs of the chosen categories.
The winning strategy is the arrangement of the various garments & accessories by color, from the lightest to the darkest, creating the right outfits for every occasion. The method can also be applied to shoes & bags.
To conclude the shopping can be considered useful for the reorganization of the wardrobe, when we know what we really need to buy.
For every occasion we have to create a right look, combined with accessories. We have to find our style, it is important to feel good, the key is 'right attitude, femininity and elegance'.
It will be a #irisistible wardrobe

Style Lessons 👠 online by Irina Tirdea

Online Courses

Don't give up on your dreams ... always cultivate them ... one day everything will be possible ..

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