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FASHION Designer & STYLIST, journalist and writer, expert in PR / Marketing / Event Organization.

Born in Romania, she graduated in Journalism and Advertising '' UNIVERSITY BUCHAREST '', Foreign Languages ​​and Literature - Christian University '' DIMITRIE CANTEMIR '' in BUCHAREST.

IN ROMANIA she worked as a journalist, editor and presenter for various magazines / radio / TV.

Since 2007 he has lived and worked in ITALY.

In 2009 she finished a MASTER in fashion at the IED (EUROPEAN DESIGN INSTITUTE MILAN) later developing her fashion brand, the academy of STYLE and television:

'' IRIS ''.

Since his arrival in ITALY he has carried out socio-cultural volunteering for the ROMANIAN community through various written articles, realization of Radio / TV broadcasts in Italy and Romania, organizing various cultural, social, fashion, entertainment events, also promoting exhibitions of art and carrying out various projects:



'School of fashion & posture IRIS' STYLE LESSONS ''



'' THE FOREST OF SAN FRANCESCO '' -platform for peace and intercultural dialogue The book '' A LOOK TOWARDS ROMANIA ''

IRIS - fashion house


(projects awarded during the world exhibition EXPO 2015 Milan)

Fashion agency & event organizations 'IRIS EVENT FACTORY'

'RomaniaTalent Show' - Miss Romania Italy

"Fashion Victim" - fashion & art with Alex Folla Italian - Romanian painter for Vogue Italia

The IRIS Television

Throughout her professional activity she has focused on promoting the image of ROMANIA abroad with the aim of showing another positive aspect of the Romanian people and of supporting the Romanian talent discovered on the ITALIAN national territory.

Are you a fashion addicted?

Haven't found your style yet?

Come and visit IRIS by IRINA TIRDEA

IRIS Donna, a tribute to Marilin Monroe, offers day and evening dresses with a 1950s-style glam touch, flaunting with bright colors, with sequins and sequins perhaps combined with a leather jacket, the important thing is to remain at the 'caution,

clearly always with the due good taste!


Welcome to the '' IRIS '' show

Coco Chanel said: `` Fashion changes, but style remains ''

This is my advice, dear moda-iole, follow fashion, but find your style ... !!

Fashion is important for your appearance, we must be comfortable with the clothes we wear, also we must be careful in the choices according to the location, the events in which we participate.

The most important thing is how we wear them? The right attitude is elegance !!

With style......!!!

Sfilate di Moda IRIS by Irina Tirdea

Sfilate di Moda IRIS Sei una fashion Addicted? Non hai ancora trovato il tuo stile? Visita IRIS Shop Donna IRIS, un tributo a Marilyn Monroe, propone abiti da giorno e da sera  con un tocco glam stile anni '50 ostentando con colori vivaci, con paillette e lustrini  abbinati magari ad un chiodo di pelle, l' importante è di rimanere al centro dell'attenzione, chiaramente sempre con il dovuto buon gusto! LEZIONI DI STILE  by IRINA TIRDEA

Personal  Shopper

Corsi di Personal Shopper

IRIS by Irina Tirdea

Trova il tuo Stile


Corsi di Modelling

IRIS Magazine

Rivista di Moda IRIS Magazine


, "Looking at Irina, what emerges is a magnificent sculpture of light and shadow, of nature and contamination, colored with the same magic of sunrises and sunsets.  And then, we read with our eyes on the magnificent image of a woman, the certainty of being Irina, but also of being much more, of being nature and culture, contamination of a history and an artistic path. A security that is not presumption, but self-awareness, the result of a powerful work that in turn gives power to all the profound message that emerges from work, videos and photos. And Irina is… her best model because she lives what she transmits. It doesn't matter what she wears .. even a simple bikini becomes a perfect dress because she would be perfect even without a dress .. Then there is love for the light and shadow that surround and envelop, that caress her,  there is a natural sensuality but also built with great emotional and actor intelligence, but without even a shadow of vulgarity, nature and art never are. "The most beautiful dress that a woman can dress are the arms of man who loves. But, for those who do not have the possibility of finding this happiness, IRIS will find your style there ". This sentence would be enough ... which actually transforms marketing into poetry .. to understand why Irina can really give "Lessons in style .." .. and can give life to  a TV channel, in perfect journalistic order, dedicated to this, Iris Tv .. and also to create an Academy of Style .. Irina is therefore a story to tell, a path to follow, a woman to admire .. and a joy to write about it .. And then ... even the text .. solicits reflections .. "Uniformity is the mother of boredom ..." perfect. For this you need to be original .. new .. maybe a little cheeky at times .. great Irina .. Paolo Castiglia, Journalist

Strategic thinking in communication multiplies value and influences perception

Competence, operational flexibility, decision-making capacity and strength, an always personalized consultancy approach and a trained and highly motivated team. We are like that, and for this reason our customers find in IRIS a reliable partner: our first and most important goal is to offer real added value in defining communication strategies for achieving results. Irina Tirdea founded IRIS in 2009 and today, thanks also to the talent of over 50 professionals who work with passion and creativity, we have reached a leadership position in corporate communication and media relations in the fashion, art, entertainment, social, of education, finance, corporate, healthcare, product and technology.

I believe in the unique beauty of each person, and aspire to enhance it through the right choices based on body shape, lifestyle and personality. With a wardrobe revolution, you will transform your wardrobe into a secret weapon that will allow you to always be flawless.

As a professional Personal Stylist, I know that there is no magic formula or mathematical calculation that dictates what fashion is. Instead, it is a little inspiration, necessary to realize our potential. If you are considering taking this step, I am here to help you see who you really are.


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