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Strategic thinking in communication multiplies the value and influence, perception, competence, operational flexibility, ability and decision-making strength, an always personalized consultancy approach and a trained and highly motivated team.
We are like this, and for this reason our customers find in IRIS a reliable partner: 
our first approach and the most important goal, is to offer real added value in defining communication strategies for achieving results. 
Irina Tirdea  founded IRIS in 2009 and today, thanks also to the talent of over 50 professionals who work with passion and creativity, we have achieved a leadership position in corporate communication and media relations in the fields of fashion, art, entertainment, radio-television, social, education, finance, corporate, healthcare, product and technology.

Whoever enters IRIS breathes a different air.
He does it because he was invited, because he was advised, because he was inspired, never because he was forced, even if, often, he comes to us because he wants to change, he wants to grow.
We are on Lake Como in Lecco, the city of Manzoni and in Milan, the city of fashion, by choice, and we can see everything from another perspective.
From here we are able to better understand many aspects that sometimes escape, from this perspective it is possible to focus on who we are facing and the solutions arrive quickly. After a handshake we leave and it is nothing like it was before.
With IRIS it happens.
IRIS TV, Irina Tirdea

Do you love fashion 👠? Do you want to learn to value yourself? 
Do you want to discover an increasingly sought-after profession?
This is the right path for you!
For over 15 years together with the International Style Master Irina Tirdea, Journalist & Fashion Design / Stylist) we have been training new talents in image consulting!
One day in the classroom (also online) and one day in the boutique to get to the heart of the Personal Shopper & Style Consultant profession.
From the history of fashion, to iconic accessories, from physicality to colors up to the dressing room test, creation of outfits and LIVE training in a store.

The Course of the courses is personalized for each participant, to be defined before the start of the course, upon registration.
Courses can be accessed separately or associated (face-to-face or online) with a
  launch discount dedicated to you!

  Sign up now

Who is it for? 
The course is aimed at all those who intend to approach the profession of Personal Shopper / Image (fashion, beauty and communication, professionals, fashion PR, editors, stylists, seamstresses and tailors, merchandisers, visuals, pattern makers, clothing, retail managers, hairdressing salons, beauticians), but also, why not, for those who want to understand how to improve their style and look or just change it, intended for an audience that loves fashion and wants to learn the art of enhancement, of bon ton and etiquette, of style, of personal elegance. There is no lack of attention paid to small, medium and large companies that wish to invest in their human capital, motivate them, create a group, experience and perfect their image.
And we don't stop there ....
  defined the image ... the STYLE you can follow other training courses dedicated to communication, marketing, social media, Influencer, Digital Creator, photography, cinematography, videomaker, actor, modeling, make-up artist, hair stylist, singing, dance, event organization, art, Wedding Planner, Fashion Designer / Stylist.

For all members we have prepared a special gift: 1 intensive course in "Restyling and wardrobe organization"
A unique and unmissable opportunity dedicated to you! Think about your future! We will take care of the Style! IRIS

Location: Lecco / Milan / online / in person

Certificate of participation "Academia  of the IRIS Style "

Another vision of making television: the answer is IRIS TV - the multimedia, multi-ethnic platform dedicated to journalistic information of a wide range of sectors, with a very accurate editorial line, without political - social - black or pink news imprints: "Style lessons - not just fashion - well yes, a philosophy of life".

We have digital, worldwide coverage, we are live streaming every day in various languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Romanian .. always up-to-date, you are in step with the times, following the requests of our Followers ...


'Style Lessons' program by Irina Tirdea - not just fashion… 👠

A schedule dedicated to Style 👠:

A new vision of facing life ... with style

Fashion, Beauty, Life Style, Travel, Culture, Art, News, Showbizz, Music, Events, Concerts, Cuisine, Travel, Health, Talent Show, Cinema, Sport, Entertainment and more,  360 news  °, programs dedicated to the sectors of the protected categories, animals, against violence against women and beyond, acts as a door for the various ethnic communities and a particular attention to art, to emerging artists.
All by the style expert Irina Tirdea, Journalist & Fashion Designer, aka IRIS

The Program: A 120 'minute TV format

LIVE every day in streaming on the multi-ethnic IRIS TV multimedia platform in connection with all its viewers - more than 100,000 on IRIS social media

A program full of exclusives and quality content, high-interest journalistic services, which in each episode make people smile, move, inform and arouse the interest of the public at any time of the day and in any place, even directly from their own smartphone.

Your television is just a click away!

All you need to offer you a product that is always updated and efficient, a signal of quality that is always usable and a coverage suitable for all targets, sectors, locations, objectives. 

The external contributions created ad hoc, will be treated in collaboration with the leading experts of the various sectors.

The novelty of our channel: all journalistic materials or advertisements from our investors will always be online.

Program presenter:

'Irina Tirdea', I don't just create clothes, I teach the Style! 👠

Image is the most important communication tool, especially for women.

My job is to take care of the style and find them the right dimension to face life with Elegance.

'Lessons of Style' 'Academy of Style IRIS

The broadcast channel

The flagship network with a medium - high target for the new generation interested in the digital world, on trend sectors, especially dedicated to the world of art and fashion, with programs that have led to the success of the broadcaster.

An important space is also addressed to the various ethnic groups of the Italian territory and to voluntary associations for socio-civic-cultural promotion, sports, protected groups and animals.

For information & programming, advertising and sponsorships
contact the IRIS TV editorial staff
Cell 3292133715

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